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By Matthew Fecher, May 2013

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Being a developer is a never-ending job, and time is always at a premium.  Even though we were balancing a full client load, we realized that we had to have a new responsive website for our Side One Media corporate page to even stay competitive.  I volunteered for the challenge and figured this was the perfect opportunity to give the Twitter Bootstrap framework a try.

Built at Twitter headquarters, the Twitter Bootstrap framework self-describes as a “Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.”  I found that description to be mostly true.   The framework was basic, yet not too styled as to get in the way.  I was able to build the new Side One website in record time, with Bootstrap handling the small building blocks.

Later we received notice that our site was featured on along side with sites like Conan O’Brien, The Discovery Channel, Reddit and more.   Also, note that we did not submit or pay to have our site featured. I believe they selected the site based on the clean code and rapid development.

Very nice job. Responds beautifully, too. I think that’s one for our Bootstrap showcase @LoveBootstrap

First thoughts on Bootstrap: With its easy to use classes and frameworks, Bootstrap makes it simple for developers to create a basic front-end UI that can later be enhanced by your design team.  

The Bootstrap framework is solid enough to become the standard HTML/CSS prototyping tool we’ve all been waiting for–turn it loose on your developers and see what they think.

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