Going Retro “8-bit” with Crystal Catacombs

By Matthew Fecher, March 2013

Crystal Catacombs

Crystal Catacombs is an exploration-based 8-bit action game for Windows and OS X that is inspired by 8-bit Nintendo and MS-DOS games of the early ’90s.

The goal of these designs (based on the awesome 8-bit art of Maxwell Jensen) was to make it look like the website was made in the NES golden era, as though Crystal Catacombs was recently discovered in a time capsule.

Crystal Catacombs

Building a modern WordPress theme that looked like it was built in 1999 posed some challenges. For example, should I go full retro and use frames and tables? Much of the technique and markup used to build websites in the ’90s has been significantly depreciated and does not render properly in modern browsers.

As a compromise, I settled on using modern HTML5/CSS practices and just simulating vintage design practices like iFrames with CSS tricks. That way, the site would be a bit more maintainable.

Crystal Catacombs

Look out for Crystal Catacombs, coming soon!

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