New AudioKitPro Site Launched

By Matthew Fecher, July 2017

As many of you know, I’m a core-team member of AudioKit. And, I just finished creating a new website for our team.

What’s AudioKit? It allows developers to quickly add professional audio functionality to iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Apple Watch apps. We’re humbled to say that AudioKit is the leading open-source audio framework for Apple Platforms, with over 3,500+ stars on Github and powering millions of app installs.

It’s lovingly used by everyone from independent developers, to 2017 Apple Design Award Winners, to Fortune-500 companies like McDonald’s. Did I mention it’s completely FREE and OPEN-SOURCE?

On this new site, we’re highlighting cool things that AudioKit Professionals build and features and getting started links for AudioKit. Plus, there’s a preview of the upcoming AudioKit Synth One…


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