iOS Dev Tip: The Best Way to Rename a Project in Xcode

If you’re coming from another developing environment, you maybe surprised to see that Xcode has no “Save As” menu option.   So then, what’s the preferred way to rename your…

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WordPress Dev Tip: How to Change the Default Excerpt Length

Wondering how to change the default excerpt word count length in a WordPress theme? In this post, I’ll show you how you can quickly customize it on your own. You’re…

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Side One Media Featured on

Being a developer is a never-ending job, and time is always at a premium.  Even though we were balancing a full client load, we realized that we had to have…

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Going Retro “8-bit” with Crystal Catacombs

Crystal Catacombs is an exploration-based 8-bit action game for Windows and OS X that is inspired by 8-bit Nintendo and MS-DOS games of the early ’90s. The goal of these…

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Sushi Den Website Nominated in Denver Web Awards

I was very surprised and humbled to see my work creating the Sushi Den website nominated for “Best Restaurant Website in Denver” in the Westword Web Awards …

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Current focus: App & Web Development
Preferred Environments: OS X, iOS, Xcode, Sublime Text
Current skills: SWIFT, Objective-C, iOS SDK, CoreData, CoreAudio, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Wordpress
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems Technology
from PURDUE University

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