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If you’re coming from another developing environment, you maybe surprised to see that Xcode has no “Save As” menu option.   So then, what’s the preferred way to rename your project and dependent files?

The best way to change the project name in Xcode:

1) Double click slowly on the project name in the project navigator pane in the upper left hand portion of the screen (see screenshot above).  In this example, I am changing the project name from “iPhone Piano” to “iPhone ElectricPiano.”

Xcode rename step 2

figure 2

2) After you have entered a new name, Xcode will give you the option of updating the other supporting files (see Figure 2).  Click “Rename” to continue.

We’re almost done!

Now that the file names have changed, you will need to update the scheme and bundle identifier.

To update the scheme:

1) Click on the “Set Active Scheme” button for the project and choose “Manage Schemes” from the drop-down menu (see Figure 3).

Xcode Rename Step 3

figure 3

2) Double click slowly on the scheme you would like to edit, change the name and press return.

Viola! Your project is updated.

Xcode Rename part 4

Happy coding!

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