SWIFT SYNTH music app and source code released!

By Matthew Fecher, January 2016
SWIFT SYNTH demonstration video. Source code available now.

Swift Synth (now renamed to “Analog Synth X”) is a full-featured, open-source synthesizer app completely written in Swift. The complete source code is available now as MIT open-source. Meaning, you can use it as a learning tool, or even create your own synth app from the code. There’s no charge or fee to use the code. Use it as a starting point to create the synth of your dreams!

The code is now included with the current version of AudioKit 3, now avail to download. You can find Swift Synth in the “Examples > AnalogSynthX” folder in the iOS package.

The app is also available in the app store as a free download: Analog Synth X
(Currently requires iOS 9 & iPad Retina or above. Xcode version requires no device).

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.35.54 PM


A couple of months ago, Aure Prochazka, founder of AudioKit, came across some videos of an iPad Synthesizer app I was creating. He then suggested that we build an open-source version of my app utilizing AudioKit 3’s excellent pipe-based audio system. He even offered to help with the port. I knew it would be an excellent example to help people learn about music software development. So, I enthusiastically agreed.

There were some late-nights, but we’ve released an initial version. (Grab it free from the app store).


Open-Source iPad Synth App. Written entirely in Swift!

 Analog Synth X 1.0:

▲ 5-Voice Virtual Analog Synthesizer
▲ Dual VCO-style Oscillators
▲ MIDI in for notes
▲ Dedicated Sub Oscillator
▲ FM Oscillator w/ Mod (Nord Lead style)
▲ 4-Pole Vintage Low-Pass Filter (Moog style)
▲ Oscillator Morph Knob (Access Virus style)
▲ Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
▲ Free-running LFO w/ 4 waveforms
▲ Multi-tap (ping-pong) delay
▲ ADSR Envelope
▲ Detune Oscillators by Semitone & Hz
▲ Hold & Mono modes for keyboard
▲ Noise generator
▲ 8-Bit Crusher


To understand the code quickly, AudioKit 3 has extensive documentation online at audiokit.io. Plus, there are over 100 audio playgrounds to get you up to speed on all the audio methods. If you are having trouble, there’s even a google group online for questions regarding AudioKit.

Keep me posted if you build something cool with the code!

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