Open Source Swift Radio Station App Released!

By Matthew Fecher, October 2015

UPDATE: This App was the #1 Trending Repo on Github for Swift!

“Cool and very well executed Radio app written entirely in Swift… this code deserves some publicity!” – AudioKit Blog

Swift Radio:

Swift Radio Pro is an open source radio station app with robust and professional features. This is a fully realized Radio App built entirely in Swift 2.

Getting Started Video:


+ LastFM API and iTunes API integration to automatically download Album Art
+ Loads and parses metadata (Track & Artist information)
+ Current Artist & Track displayed on Stations page
+ Displays Artist, Track, & Album Art on Lock Screen
+ Ability to update Stations list from server or locally. (Update stations anytime without resubmitting to app store!)
+ Custom views optimized for iPhone 4s, 5, 6 and 6+ for backwards compatibility
+ Compiles with Xcode 7 & Swift 2.0
+ Background audio performance
+ Supports local or hosted station images
+ “About” page with ability to send email & visit website
+ Uses industry standard SwiftyJSON library for easy JSON manipulation
+ Pull to Refresh Stations

Download the source code here:

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