360iDev is the longest-running and largest independent Apple Developer’s conference in the world. (It’s even been named the best overall iOS conference in the world right after Apple’s own WWDC).

While it started out as conference for iPhone developers, it now encompasses and celebrates all aspects of development in the Apple eco-system (from Apple TV to the Apple Watch).

360iDevOrganizer John Wilker addresses the crowd. Photos by Fuad Kamal.

Organizer John Wilker and his team have a knack for bringing people together. The activities around the presentations are just as rewarding as the lectures themselves. Fittingly, the conference fosters the same shared meeting open-space philosophy Steve Jobs brought to Pixar. These group activities encourage attendees to meet, learn from each other, and form lasting bonds.

I co-presented with the founder of AudioKit, Aure Prochazka, PhD. (Side note: I never thought I would be co-presenting with someone with a PhD in Computational Fluid Mechanics at the largest independent iOS developer conference in the world. Life is amazing sometimes).

Overall, if you’re on the fence about attending 360iDev, I’d highly recommend it. Even if you’re not an expert developer, there are presentations on the business and UI/UX side of app development. For more information on the conference: If you have questions about conferences or app development, feel free to get in touch.

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