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On Thursday, Mar 24th, it was an honor to speak to a full house at the Mode Set/Ello offices for the Denver Creative Tech meetup hosted by Justin Gitlin & Mode Set.

My presentation provided an introduction to the various audio libraries you can utilize to build music and audio apps for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, and the web. It served as a quick overview and inspiration for what people could build, along with real-world examples of finished music apps.


Then, I introduced the group to AudioKit, our easy-to-use, yet powerful audio synthesis library. Finally, I finished the presentation by demonstrating various music tech projects that myself and other AudioKit core-team members are working on.

It was great to see so many amazing people:

Additional Presentations and Exhibitors:

• Brian Corrigan, Founder + Director of OhHeckYeah, talked about the role of the arts, culture and technology in creating successful and vibrant public spaces.

• Rick Boykin told us what he learned about Swift, SceneKit, hardware-accelerated video processing, and mapping imagery to a 3d mesh with his iOS Kaleidoscope app.

Robbie Fikes showed a projection-mapped poster.

• Andrew Catellier showed a custom-built image gallery software that houses his own fantastic photos.

• OhHeckYeah provided a physical video game experience.

About Denver Creative Tech:

“Calling all creative coders, 3d animators, game developers, hardware hackers, new media artists, frontend devs, data visualists, motion graphics animators, musicians, illustrators and anyone else across the creative technology spectrum. We’re hosting a monthly meetup with short talks from a diverse set of professionals, educators and enthusiasts on a wide range of tools and theories behind our multidisciplinary crafts. Come expand your mind and meet your fellow high-tech creatives.”


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