I recently created a little game called SongyBird. Why? It could be suggested that Flappy Bird games are the first widespread Meme for iOS developers.

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People have asked me, “Why did you make a flappy bird style game?”

It’s certainly not for money, fame and glory. Allow me to explain.

It’s like the Harlem Shake, but, for nerds.

The past month, thousands of developers and artists all came together for a singular purpose, to create apps inspired by the ubiquitously popular Flappy Bird game.

It was a game/app concept that anyone with a little coding skills could easily create and have in the app store in a week (or less).

At the time of this post, there are four flappy games in the Top 20 in the app store and hundreds more awaiting approval.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 10, 2014, 4.20.08 PM

My take on the meme was a simple game  called SongyBird,  and it was a labor of love. (Plus, it was a good excuse to write a video game theme song.)

After a full weekend of coding and 8-bit graphic editing, SONGYBIRD was ready to fly!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.47.01 PMUpdate: My little game/experiment received over a dozen five star reviews and hundreds of downloads–not too shabby for a weekend of coding and virtually no promotion!

For now, the community seems to still embrace the concept.

Creating the game was a lot of fun and a unifying part of the #indiedev community. Though, by this time next month, we can fully expect the Flappy Bird craze to be over.

In the meantime, keep tapping!

You can download my game here: SongyBird!
(Requires iOS6 or later. It is completely free and there are no ads.)

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