iPhone For Dummies, 9th Edition out now!

It was an honor to be the Technical Editor for the iOS 9 edition of the best-selling “iPhone For Dummies” book. The new edition…

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Open Source Swift Radio Station App Released!

Swift Radio Pro is an open source radio station app with robust and professional features. This is a fully realized Radio App built entirely in Swift 2.

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Swift 2.0’s New Take on Defensive Design with “Guard”

It’s a bold step forward. Instead of checking for all the conditions they don’t want, now developers can check for what they want, and still write well-architected code. Well done, Apple!

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Getting Dynamic with Key Value Observation (KVO) in Swift 1.2

One of the things I enjoy in open source contributions is discovering various tips in a fun environment. In this instance, I was porting some Objective-C to Swift for one of…

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Our Band Played at Coors Field!

This year, the Colorado Rockies have added a small line-up of Colorado based bands to their games. Our band, The Sound and Color, was humbled to be the featured band at the June 6th day game…

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Thanks to KCVU, Radio 1190 for having us in studio!

Big thanks to Bree Davies and KCVU Radio 1190 for having our band, The Sound and Color, live in studio this past Friday, May 29th. Radio 1190 has been a college radio institution…

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Converting an Obj-C Singleton to Swift 1.2 with just one line of code

With the release of Swift 1.2, initializing a singleton class has become incredibly succinct using the class constant approach. I know what you’re thinking, “Singleton? Globals are bad!” I feel the…

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AudioKit Examples Converted to Swift

Interested in working with audio and synthesis in your iOS and OS/X apps? AudioKit is the premiere new library on the block. When I came across it, I knew that…

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Current focus: App & Web Development
Preferred Environments: OS X, iOS, Xcode, Sublime Text 2, Dreamweaver
Current skills: Objective-C, iOS SDK, CoreData, CoreAudio, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS, Wordpress
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems Technology
from PURDUE University

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