Tech editing complete on the latest book for Wiley Publishing! Look for it in bookstores everywhere soon…

Shew! I just finished the technical review on the latest “iPad/iPhone” title in the popular “For Dummies” series. The book is titled iPad & iPhone For Musicians For Dummies and will soon be…

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iOS 8 Dev Tip: Getting the GPS Location using Core Location

Using Core Location to get a user’s current GPS Location is a cornerstone feature of thousands of great apps. It’s incredibly useful to calculate a user’s distance from a point of interest or determine if they are nearby to other users.

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Why did I make a game? It’s a great Meme for developers…

I recently created a little game called SongyBird! It could be suggested that Flappy Bird is the first widespread Meme for developers…

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How to Keep Facebook from Auto-playing Videos on Your iPhone

Auto-playing videos in a feed is cool (if you’ve used Vine, you’ve probably grown to love it). However, in the time since Facebook rolled this feature out, I’ve noticed a…

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Practical Objective-C: A Better Way to Toggle Booleans

Objective-C is an extremely verbose language, and there’s no need to add to the redundancy with unnecessary code to toggle a boolean…

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The Art of Programming is the Skill of Controlling Complexity

Nowadays, the simplest code is always what impresses me the most. Always strive to develop “simple” solutions. Those who inherit your code will praise you for it.

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Current focus: App & Web Development
Preferred Environments: OS X, iOS, Xcode, Sublime Text 2, Dreamweaver
Current skills: Objective-C, iOS SDK, CoreData, CoreAudio, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS, Wordpress
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems Technology
from PURDUE University

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