Converting an Obj-C Singleton to Swift 1.2 with just one line of code

With the release of Swift 1.2, initializing a Singleton class has become incredibly succinct. I should note that in many cases, I’m fundamentally opposed to globals. That said, sometimes in…

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Tech Editing Complete for the Latest iPad/iPhone “For Dummies” Book. Avail in Bookstores Everywhere…

Shew! I just finished tech editing the latest “iPad/iPhone” title in the popular “For Dummies” series. The book is now avail from and bookstores everywhere. iPad and iPhone For Musicians For Dummies…

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iOS 8 Dev Tip: Getting the GPS Location using Core Location

Using Core Location to get a user’s current GPS Location is a cornerstone feature of thousands of great apps. It’s incredibly useful to calculate a user’s distance from a point of interest or determine if they are nearby to other users.

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Why did I make a game? It’s a great Meme for developers…

I recently created a little game called SongyBird! It could be suggested that Flappy Bird is the first widespread Meme for developers…

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How to Keep Facebook from Auto-playing Videos on Your iPhone

Auto-playing videos in a feed is cool (if you’ve used Vine, you’ve probably grown to love it). However, in the time since Facebook rolled this feature out, I’ve noticed a…

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Practical Objective-C: A Better Way to Toggle Booleans

Objective-C is an extremely verbose language, and there’s no need to add to the redundancy with unnecessary code to toggle a boolean…

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